Bliss Gardens Mini W/ 3" Glass Turquoise Sand / Green Moss / Snowflake Obsedian Stone

$13.00 $16.00

  • Discontinued item ONLY $13.00! Get yours while supplies last
  • Easy to care for, air plants require no soil and need to be watered 1x a week & bright indirect light
  • Great for people with the 'Non Green Thumb' and kids love these too
  • Part of our 'Mini Terrarium Series' with a 3.5" round glass globe
  • Comes with a 1.5" air plant, turquoise sand, green moss and snowflake obsedian stone

This vibrant style is modern and adorable! You will recieve 1- 3.5" round glass 1- air plant (1.5" average) -turquoise sand -chartreuse green moss clump -polished snowflake obsedian stone and a detailed plant care sheet and assembly guide.

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