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  • Tillandsia air plants can be used as houseplants, office plants or in terrariums
  • No soil required, just water them once a week
  • Great for beginners in gardening
  • Blooms pretty purple flowers and plant turns reddish
  • Fast Shipping!! - heat pack included in cold weather

10 unique and beautiful plants! Perfect size for small orbs and terrariums. We will pick a nice mix of the 'Ionantha' variety. CARE: Keep them in a bright location (partial sun or fluorescent light) and soak them once a week and that's it. Misting between watering is also recommended. COLOR: Most plants will be shades of green, some have a touch of pink or red. Plants received may or may not be in bloom. SIZE: Plants received will range in size from 1"- 3" Air plant care instruction sheet is included.