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  • Shabby Chic inspired air plant terrarium kit includes everything to recreate this beauty!
  • This air plant terrarium kit includes the following: -Glass size of your choosing - Air plants - Purple amethyst quartz crystal -Pearl ice rocks - Dried thistle flowers -Cream colored reindeer moss -Juniper -twine -Detailed care/instructions
  • Makes a great gift - the gift of life!
  • Air plants are easy to care for, no soil is required and water once a week!
  • Fast shipping! Heat packs included in cold weather

Give the gift of life! This is easy to care for, as well as eye catching. This can hang or be set on a tabletop. Air plants need to be dunked in water 1-2 x a week and given a bright location but not direct sunlight. These will do well with office lighting, near a bright window or close to a house lamp. They are also very forgiving plants and can tolerate some drought. Plant leaves will tell you they need water by curling. Perfect plants for the active modern lifestyle. *Everything is included to recreate this lovely terrarium. Kit will includes the following: - glass size of your choosing - air plants - purple amethyst quartz crystal -Pearl ice rocks - dried thistle flowers - cream colored reindeer moss -juniper sprigs -2' of twine for hanging - Detailed care/instruction sheet. Your Bliss Gardens air plant terrarium will be one of a kind and may not exactly resemble the one in the photographs but will not doubt be beautiful. GIVING THIS ITEM AS A GIFT? Please include a message at the checkout, and we will include it on the gift receipt.