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5 unique and beautiful plants! Perfect size for small orbs and terrariums. We will pick a nice mix of the 'Ionantha' variety. CARE: Keep them in a bright location (partial sun or fluorescent light) and soak them once a week and that's it. Misting between watering is also recommended. COLOR: Most plants will be shades of green, some have a touch of pink or red. Plants received may or may not be in bloom. SIZE: Plants received will range in size from 1"- 3". Most air plant species especially this 'Ionantha' variety are smaller plants in general. Air plant care instruction sheet is included. Use it monthly in addition to your weekly watering schedule to speed up the growing and flowering process.

  • No soil required, just water them once a week. Care instructions included
  • Great for beginners! Can be used for terrariums, houseplants or office plants
  • Blooms pretty purple flowers and plant turns reddish, otherwise mostly green plants
  • Fast Shipping!! Heat pack included in cold weather