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  • Stunning terrarium design makes a great gift and conversation piece!
  • Everything is included as shown including the beautiful Amethyst
  • Air plants are easy to care for, they require no soil and you dip them in water once a week
  • Fast shipping! Heat packs are included to cold regions.
  • Choose with or without black metal stand

Need to add a burst of life to your kitchen, living room or office? This makes a great gift that is easy to care for, as well as eye catching. This can hang or be set on a tabletop. Air plants need to be dunked in water 1-2 x a week and given a bright location but not direct sunlight. These will do well with office lighting, near a bright window or close to a house lamp. They are also very forgiving plants and can tolerate some drought. Plant leaves will tell you they need water by curling. Perfect plants for the active modern lifestyle. *Everything is included to recreate this lovely terrarium. You have the option to have it with the elegant black metal stand or without. This kit listing will include the following: - oval glass globe terrarium 6" x 4" & hemp twine 2- air plants- 'Caput Medusae & Ionantha' 1- bag of black sand 1- purple amethyst crystal 3- flower pods -lotus pod chartreuse green reindeer moss -detailed care/instruction sheet. Your air plant terrarium will be one of a kind and may not exactly resemble the one in the photographs but will not doubt be beautiful.